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Catch a cheating spouse or partner.Being committed to one person takes work. Unless you’re in an open relationship, you don’t expect the one you love and trust to betray you. But the reality is is that cheating does happen and if you have a gut feeling its happening to you, you are probably right. The fortunate thing for you is that if it is, in fact, happening to you, Victory Investigations Private Investigators in Greensboro NC can help. There are always signs of infidelity…And if you’re reading this right now, then you’ve likely been tipped off by one or more of them. You can be assured that if your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiance’ is cheating on you, they CAN be caught. At Victory Investigations’ Private Investigators in Greensboro NC, our success rate is 100% when it comes to finding out the truth. No matter how smart or “slick” you think your cheating spouse or partner is, they will inevitably mess up and we’ll be there to catch them in the act. And if your significant other is being faithful, you’ll know that too and have peace of mind. There may be problems in your relationship, but they can be worked out. As stated before, long term, committed relationships take work and there will be bumps in the road along the way. However, that doesn’t give anyone the excuse to betray someone they supposedly love and care about. Our Private Investigators for Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem NC can and will find out.


If you believe your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiance’ is cheating, you have a right to know. If your in a relationship and not sure how well you know the other person, you owe it to yourself to protect your feelings. If you are a high profile person or someone of significant wealth, you should find out about the person your spending most of your time with. You need to know who you are sharing your personal and private information with. Cheating, infidelity, and adultery is at an all-time high – Get to the truth. Our Private Investigators in Greensboro NC are experts in informational research. We can obtain background information for you on persons that may be getting close to you. Take the necessary measures to protect yourself personally, financially, and guard your reputation.


If you think you’re a victim, Victory Investigations’ Private Investigators for Greensboro NC – High Point NC – Winston Salem NC can help you obtain peace of mind.


Common Signs Your Partner Is Cheating:

  • odd and excessive cell phone use (cell phone locked/password protected, deleting texts, emails, browsing history, etc.)
  • odd and excessive computer use (have their own user account/password required, signs of chatting, Skype’ing, old partners on Facebook, staying up late on the computer, etc.)
  • smell of perfume or cologne that is not his or hers
  • working out or working out more
  • dressing nicer or differently
  • acting distant towards you
  • not interested in having sex or being intimate with you
  • spending more time away from home
  • working more or on the weekends
  • unavailable at work when you call
  • unexplained receipts/purchases
  • unexplained purchases or payments on bank statements
  • starts a fight and uses it as an excuse to leave the house


 Know that odd and obsessive cell phone / computer behavior is the #1 indicator of infidelity. Our Private Investigators for Greensboro NC are certified in digital forensics and can obtain deleted text messages, email, chat sessions, GPS location data, and MORE! There are certain legal limitations to this service so please call for more information. Also be aware that 90% of infidelity cases we work are inter-office romances.

Our licensed Private Investigators in Greensboro NC have the experience, knowledge, and technology to help you uncover the truth. Contact us today to discuss your personal situation and possible options:


or locally at:  (336) 298-2034


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