Get Deleted Text Messages, Email, Pictures, Locations….

Cell phone and Computer Forensics aka “Digital Forensics” is the scientific method of acquiring logical and deleted data from electronic devices. A properly performed forensic examination of an electronic device can yield a tremendous amount of useful data that can be vital evidence for your case. At Victory Investigations we specialize in Digital Forensics and have performed thousands of examinations, providing our Clients with the evidence they needed or the peace of mind they desired. Through Digital Forensic examination and examiner can recover deleted text messages, email, chat strings, GEO-location data, picture & video, and much more. We strive for excellence and as such we remain on the cutting edge in terms of technology, software, procedures, and education. If you think this type of evidence can help you in your situation, give the experts at Victory Investigations a call today. We’ll explain what your options are based on the target device. We can even exam cell phone backup files from a computer or even the “cloud”. Contact Us Today!

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  • John Carroll  says:

    Spencer helped me out tremendously! Best decision I’ve ever made having him get data from my wife’s iPhone and iPad.

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