Digital Forensics

All of our private investigators in Greensboro are Certified Digital Forensic Examiners (CDFE). That means you can trust our expertise when it comes to acquiring evidence from devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets and other digital devices.

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Surveillance & Video

We are experts at covert surveillance and video. Whether we need to track someone, follow them, or even find them, we have the experience and access to information to aid us in our investigation. Our private investigators in Greensboro do…

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Electronic Counter-surveillance (TSCM)

North Carolina requires additional training and credentialing, above and beyond, the standard private investigator licensing. Our Greensboro private investigators have the training, licensing, and trade-craft knowledge to determine if you’re being followed, being listened to, being watched or if someone…

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My sister in law called this company for me, initially, because my husband was tracking all my calls. NOT because I was doing anything wrong, but because he wanted to know if I was catching on to his dirty deeds. I went to meet with the investigator, along with my sister and had him check my car for a tracker. Sure enough, the a-hole had one on there. The investigator suggested that I just leave it since I wasn't doing anything wrong and would give my husband a false sense of security. Then I put a tracker on his car and within 4 days, the investigator had all the pictures I needed. He's begging me to stay. Nope!


I live in New Bern and hired these guys to catch my husband and his girlfriend, who lives in Greensboro. I was a little nervous hiring someone for this that I had not met, especially when it's as personal as this. But the detective, couldn't have been more professional and kind. He was able to catch my husband with his girlfriend at Furniture Market, a concert, a political rally, and at her house EVERY night for a week! I also provided the phone my husband used before his current one and the detective got hundreds of deleted texts! Ladies, trust your gut and you can trust this agency will get the goods.

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